Me-Made-May 2018

My main reason for starting a blog now is in response to a podcast I listened to on Love to Sew where Zoe Edwards was talking about Me-Made-May. I’d heard of it before, but hadn’t considered doing it as I was too busy/lazy. This time it seemed like a good idea: I’ve been knitting and sewing for years, but don’t really wear my handmade clothes as much as I’d like to. Perhaps it’s time to change that.

I decided that my Me-Made-May pledge would be to wear something I have made or altered every day during May.

So this may sound a bit too easy for someone who has been sewing and knitting for over 10 years. Well, not really! After I had my first child I lost a lot of weight – nearly 5 1/2 stone to be exact, and so I dropped quite a few sizes. Stuff I had made over the years didn’t fit anymore, and as I was determined not to gain the weight back I got rid of most of my ‘fat clothes’.

I also almost stopped knitting and sewing for myself as I couldn’t see the point in making things that would only fit me for a couple of months.

When G was one and a half I found out I was pregnant again, and I thought I would try to eat sensibly through the pregnancy and not gain too much weight. Yeah right. I have no self control, especially when pregnant, with a house move to deal with as well. I put most of the weight back on again.

I’ve been losing it slowly since the birth of T but this means that I have a very limited handmade wardrobe to work with.

I’ve reached the point now where I want to start making for myself again and stumbled across an ebook by Athina Kakou called Sewing your dream wardrobe. The book guides you through assessing what you already have, finding out what gaps there are and what styles you like best, then either sewing a capsule wardrobe to fill the gaps or sewing in collections. This really appeals to me and has reignited my interest in making things for myself.

Me-Made-May seems a great way to kick this off. I want to explore what I currently have (that fits!), assess how much I like things I made previously and start to plan to work in a more curated way going forward. I think that in the past I have made things that actually don’t fit with my lifestyle and I haven’t really felt comfortable wearing them. If I want to increase the amount of handmade clothes I wear, they need to be everyday garments and make me feel comfortable… maybe less fancy dresses!

During MMM I will try to post once or twice a week with some pics and insights into what I’m finding out about my previous makes.


Me-Made-May information:

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