Hey, you’ve found me…

Welcome to my blog, where I will be sharing my creative pursuits and maybe some general stuff too. I have started and abandoned blogs before, but this time I’m determined to keep it up.

First of all I should tell you a bit about me, and what I like making. I’m thirty-something, and have a husband and two young boys. We moved from our home in Surrey, where we had both been brought up, to Somerset at the end of 2017 just before my second son was born. I don’t work now and try to fit as many creative projects in as I can between looking after the kids and general boring life stuff.

I mainly love sewing, knitting and scrapbooking, but have also been known to upcycle furniture, crochet, quilt, cross stitch and decorate anything that doesn’t move. As the house we live in needs renovating I am spending a lot of time figuring out how it should look.

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